Is it really that grim up North?

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This week has seen confessions from several BBC executives, who have declared they will not be making the move to Salford for the launch of BBC North. Instead, they will live in rented accommodation to be paid for by the licence fee payer. Meanwhile, the BBC North director, Peter Salmon, is refusing to move, despite heading the entire project.

It seems these so called ‘executives’ are taking a very dim view of moving to Manchester in order to keep hold of their jobs.

Surely as bosses, they should be leading by example? How can the BBC expect hundreds of employees to relocate in order to hold onto their jobs, if their superiors are putting up such a public and, frankly, puerile argument in the first instance?

It was not long ago that BBC bigwigs found themselves giving into the demands of licence fee payers after plans were put in place to pull the plug on popular digital radio station 6 Music. Countless social media campaigns and online crusades were fought by avid listeners and loyal fans of the station, and as a result, the station was saved.

So how can it be that the BBC has suddenly found the resources – not to mention the cash flow – to pay for the second homes of the executives who are so unwilling to relocate? This is an unashamed misuse of licence fees and will only cause uproar amongst the public who have already shown such support and loyalty to the BBC already.

Is the North really so grim and unbearable that it is worth making licence fee payers cough up for luxurious city centre abodes? I think – indeed know – not.

The entire MediaCity UK complex looks fantastic and agencies all over the North West are excited about the opportunities that it will create. It’s just a shame the director himself doesn’t want to stick around for a Mancunian brew.