Is the iLane driving us towards constant communication?

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Are we ever out of contact? As if BlackBerries and iPhones weren’t bad enough – now we have the iLane.

The device – designed to be used in the car – reads out emails and responds to the voice to draft a reply. Thankfully this bit of kit is only available in the US and Canada, but where will it ever end?

I plan to spend a blissful week this summer with mobile ‘phone firmly buried beneath bikinis and sun cream. But, as computer developers continue to churn out new gadgets aimed at keeping everyone in touch, is my dream going to become a long and distant memory?

Leaving aside for a minute the obvious dangers it throws up composing emails whilst driving, don’t we already suffer from a chronic overreliance on emails? Surely the iLane will only exacerbate this even further? There’s a real danger, therefore, that our addiction to emails – and complementary technology to boot – will threaten real, face-to-face communication.

Perhaps as a non-convert to all-singing, all-dancing ‘phones, I’m completely missing the point. But the invention of the iLane, for me, is just another step away from being able to switch off from the outside world and enjoy the finer qualities of life.