Isn’t it lovely when clients say thank you?

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Over the years, the Peppermint team has been fortunate enough to receive some lovely messages of thanks from clients, not to mention the odd present and bouquet of flowers.  Every single one of those has made our day, not least because we do what we do with no expectation of thanks. So you can imagine how made up we were when, out of the blue, one of our clients presented us with a certificate.

It came at the end of an update meeting with the formidable chief executive of a Plc we’d started working with last autumn.  With the meeting drawing to a close, he suddenly bobbed out of the room and returned with a big smile and a framed certificate, announcing that we had earned it for ‘”exceeding his expectations”.  Our team was momentarily, and highly uncharacteristically, tongue-tied.  One of the Peppermints worried that I was about to cry.

Once out of the building, another Peppermint turned to me and said: “Right. Well now I just want to do an even better job for them.”

So a big thank you from us: not only to Ivan at Styles & Wood for the certificate, but to all of those clients who take the trouble to acknowledge the graft, energy and enthusiasm that we pour into promoting your businesses.

As I said, we don’t expect thanks – honestly, we don’t.  But we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t nice to be appreciated every once in a while.