It all ‘appened so fast!

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Four years ago, discussing the development of an app in a client meeting was pretty rare. Even two years ago, it only ever really came up when working with a certain type of client. How times have changed!

Now it seems every other brand wants to develop an app. There are currently over 625,000 apps available, with more launching every day. With so many on the market, things can get a little frustrating for both the brands and the consumer. How are we supposed to know which app is appropriate for us? And how do decent apps stand out from the crowd?

One way for an app to get noticed is by winning an Appy at the award event recently organised by Carphone Warehouse. A more direct route is via Quixey – a new type of search engine designed specifically for apps. This allows you to describe your needs in plain English and it then finds the best functional matches. Pretty handy methinks – or at the very least, a promising development for both brands and consumers.

Quixey is not the only way that the app market is becoming a little more user-friendly. FundedApps, the recently launched app developer, is giving people the opportunity to have their own ideas for apps created. Consumers have the chance to see their idea developed and marketed, all with full investor backing. They’ll also receive 25 per cent of all profits – not bad when you consider Angry Birds has made over £36 million to date!

As apps continue to conquer the globe, it’s nice to see improvements being made that make the world an ‘appier place!