It’s a no from Noel

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Noel Gallagher was back in the news again today. This time, however, the reports weren’t about him having another fight with his brother, Liam, or the release of a new song: the story was about how he’d been approached by Simon Cowell to be a judge on the X Factor.

While many of us would have been interested to see what the straight-talking rock’n’roller had to say about each week’s hopefuls, he’s apparently turned down the opportunity – much to the consternation of his 11-year-old daughter, Anais.

Noel could have grabbed the opportunity and got himself in front of millions of viewers each week – and no doubt sold a few more albums in the process – but I can’t say I blame him for turning it down.

If he’d had gone for it, he would have been accused of selling out, of betraying his rock’n’roll roots and had a number of his (former) fans shaking their heads at the fact that he’d gone ‘mainstream’. Although he’s never had the image of a wild man of rock in the mould of Jim Morrison, Keith Richards or even his brother, he’s all too aware of the impact of negative publicity.

The photograph of him swigging champagne with Tony Blair at a Downing Street reception in 1997 routinely comes back to haunt him and he probably didn’t want anything else dragged out in years to come that called into question his ‘cool’ credentials.

He would no doubt have been roundly criticised if he’d accepted the position. Maintaining a rock star image isn’t easy – I just hope Anais understands!