Lego – how a brand continues to build, and build, and build, and build, and build…

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Lego has reported a 25 per cent increase in half-year sales this morning. The company has continued to grow in spite of the recession and now accounts for seven per cent of the global toy market.

It’s interesting to see a brand – now in its 62nd year – continue to achieve such impressive sales figures despite the economic climate. It seems parents are increasingly turning to trusted brands which they’re confident will keep their children amused. However, tradition is only one side of this success story; fresh thinking has also helped to keep Lego a perennial favourite.

Earlier this month I found myself, once again, in awe of Lego’s latest PR initiative. Lego figures designed to resemble Roman gods, Juno and Jupiter, and astronomer, Galileo were blasted off in NASA’s Juno probe sent to study Jupiter. On its own, the stunt is undoubtedly impressive. However, when you look back over a consistent catalogue of campaigns and images that tap into whatever’s happening in popular culture at any given time, you see that impressive is the standard with Lego.

New product introductions also reflect Lego’s flair for reinventing itself. Sets and figurines resemble the latest cinematic hits – be it Harry Potter, Batman or Pirates of the Caribbean – as do forays into digital gaming, which has created a new platform for the well-loved brand.

Through product innovation and creative marketing initiatives, Lego has managed to achieve what most companies can only dream of – a brand that is seen as both nostalgic and traditional, whilst being completely of the moment.