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With summer finally around the corner, it comes as no surprise that brands are launching fresh campaigns.  The Co-operative Food is no different, and its latest campaign kicked off yesterday with the launch of a televised advert.

A nice change from the numerous travel adverts encouraging us to jet off to somewhere exotic, the Co-op has instead reminded us of the positive aspects to the British summer.  The 30-second film is guaranteed to trigger nostalgic flashbacks to childhood holidays, with somewhat comical scenes taking place in both glorious sunshine and torrential rain.

Cleverly, these scenes of swingball, frisbee, camping, fishing and barbequing are intermittently accompanied by clips of food products. Ketchup, pizzas, burgers, strawberries and Callippo ice-lollies all make an appearance – showcasing what the Co-op can offer this season.

Most people would not opt to do their weekly shop at a Co-op when there are options of larger supermarkets available.  By aptly choosing the slogan “Little. Often. Co-op” to accompany its newest campaign, the Co-op’s messaging is clear.  It’s sticking to its original purpose: to be a local convenience store that’s available to pop in “little and often” over the summer period, a time when spontaneity is key when it comes to food shopping.  Let’s face it – how many of you have woken up to a glimpse of sun and ran down to your local shop to stock up on burgers and sausages for an impromptu barbeque?

The “Little. Often. Co-op” campaign will see further advertising rolled out over the coming months in the press and on the radio, with the Co-op getting into the spirit across social media as well.  The @CoopTreatTeam will be making an appearance in more than 80 towns and cities across the UK to hand out free samples and give away surprises and money-off coupons.  Multiple competitions will also be introduced, including the chance to win a trip to New York that you can enter by tweeting your perfect picnic.

Time will tell whether the new summer campaign will prove a hit, but it’s certainly grabbed my attention.  With its heart-warming advert, the Co-op has reinforced its core brand messaging and reminded its customers that it’s there for their convenience and last-minute needs.  Furthermore, it has managed to remind us of the true value of British summertime – and that you don’t need to hop on a plane to enjoy the season.