Lumley brings new meaning to ‘the power of celebrity’

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‘The power of celebrity’ took on a whole new meaning last week as Joanna Lumley ambushed the government and won!

Her passion and veracity over Gurkhas’ rights created fear amongst ministers and generated applause and admiration from supporters and onlookers alike. Her performance in front of the cameras – reducing Immigration Minister Phil Woolas  to a quivering wreck – was of Oscar proportions. But, this was no PR or publicity stunt for the ageing, yet extremely graceful television star.

We all know the impact a celebrity can make on a cause or brand. However, unlike many other famous faces who rally behind a charity or stand up for a moral or civil injustice in return for a hefty appearance fee, Lumley’s performance had no whiff of self promotion.

Instead, as the daughter of a British Gurkha officer, she performed with both grace and veracity to seemingly re-write government policy and with it gain a string of new admirers. My only question is, would she have been quite so successful had her reputation no come before her?