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Like most Brits, we’ve been making the most of what little sunshine we’ve had this year. It could be an al fresco brainstorm or a weather-dependent opportunity for a client – either way, we’ve not missed a second of it.

Sunny weeks and days, like today, are an absolute dream for the hospitality and retail sectors. With little else to hook their marketing strategies onto this year (and still feeling gloomy minus Olympic fever, a Jubilee or a royal wedding to align themselves with) the sun is set to play a major role in sales reports for 2013.

Working with supermarket supplier, Bar-Be-Quick – the founder of the instant barbecue – for a third summer, we’re well aware of the power of sunshine and the need for brands to shout from the rooftops to make up for the slow summer season.

According to sales stats, the average Brit classifies ‘barbecue weather’ as being from 18 degrees up, so we engineered a reactive campaign to ensure Bar-Be-Quick’s key messages have been spread far and wide when the thermometer strikes that magic number.

Paying visits to radio stations, armed with Bar-Be-Quick instant barbecues, sausages and beer, has definitely paid off. Real Radio barbecued live on air this morning, while Key 103, Xfm and Capital all tweeted the brand, reaching a combined audience of over 80,000 followers.

We also launched a Twitter competition to invite businesses to tweet us for a chance of winning a barbecue for themselves and their office. Showing up at the lucky winner’s office was brilliant, and the old saying has never been truer – make hay while the sun shines!