Manchester: are you ready for your close-up now?

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Welcome and long overdue news that the BBC has resolved to feature northern locations in its programmes. The announcement coincides with the imminent relocation of many of its staff to Salford and will showcase our gorgeous landmarks to the wider world.

The BBC has long been obsessed with portraying ethnic and sexual diversity in its programming so it does seem a little remiss that its locations have been primarily centred in a tiny area of the country. Nations across the world must have a rather skewed impression of our country from the woefully limited number of London/southern set pieces they’re fed.

Closer to home, it does get a bit dull seeing the same old same old as backdrops on the telly. I’m definitely looking forward to pointing excitedly at the box as we play spot the location in Manchester. After all, seeing somewhere close to home on TV is almost as exciting as seeing somebody you know. Team Peppermint were certainly rather giddy when the Shameless crew filmed at the grocers next door.

As a diehard Dr Who fan, may I put in a plea to the Powers That Be to consider decamping this wondrous series from Cardiff to Manchester? Just for one tiny episode?