Marathon running doesn’t match the pace of live radio!

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You’d think after a decade of working in and around the media that the wonders of the industry would fail to surprise or impress me – well, you’d be wrong!

Twice this week I’ve experienced firsthand why the media is so darn exciting and fast-moving. Both left me feeling a tad uneasy, while at the same time filling me with enthusiasm and delight.

Let me rewind a little. In January, I started training for the first Greater Manchester Marathon in 10 years. This Sunday, I’ll be taking to the streets with 7,999 other runners to hopefully complete the 26.2 mile course.

Now, as a local event – and one that hasn’t happened for some time – the Manchester media is unsurprisingly keen to cover the marathon and speak to the daft souls who think it’s a sensible Sunday morning pastime to run so far. I obviously fit this brief and, thanks to the power of social media, was tracked down via Twitter to talk about why I am taking part.

Naturally, I assumed that the BBC journalist had been given my details by the organisers, or Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention – the charity I’m running for. Oh no, that would be far too conventional. In fact, she searched for marathon-related hashtags and stumbled across moi! As a result, I went bleary-eyed to Media City at 7 o’clock this morning to have my 15 minutes of fame on Allan Beswick’s show.

As I sat there in the impressive surroundings of the BBC’s new home, I marveled at the enormity of the media hub and the fast-changing world of radio and TV production. People were darting here, there and everywhere, editing soundbites with minutes to spare, frantically chasing contacts for future news slots and chaperoning guests in and out of the studio – none of which helped to calm my nerves!

The entire experience was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating, and only went to emphasise why I love being a part of this industry. What’s more, it’s helpfully managed to distract me from the fear of what awaits me on Sunday, as well as giving me a newfound respect for those clients who we pitch for live radio interviews!