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The tele-communications industry must be getting pretty desperate. Samsung has recently launched its new mobile phone, the Tobi, specifically aimed at primary school kids. It joins a number of similar phones already on the market, some of which are designed for children as young as four. Yes, you read right – that’s kids who are just out of nappies and still trying to get to grips with basic playground communication, let alone a high-tech mobile device.


Initially, it may be viewed as a clever marketing tool: after all, most people aged 16+ already own a mobile so young children remain the most promising untapped market. And yes, the Tobi does come with some clever features such as ‘fake call set up’: this allows the child user to programme the phone to initiate a fake call and therefore trick any dubious hoodies into believing there’s someone of authority on the other end of the phone.


How irresponsible of the mobile phone companies to be guilt tripping mums and dads into believing that as loving, caring parents it is their duty to be arming toddlers with the latest in mobile phone technology. With the Tobi retailing at around £90, surely a child is more vulnerable to becoming a victim of street crime by carrying around such a desirable gadget?


Ok, the Tobi, available in a choice of either candy pink or blue and featuring two little gremlin-like cartoon characters on the screen, is hardly going to be the most desirable choice for a ‘hoody’. But let’s be honest, amid a deep recession, how fussy are the pond life of our society going to be when they’ve an expensive drug habit to fund?