More criticism for the BBC

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Expenses.  If it’s not the Government at the brunt end of criticism, it’s the BBC.  More revelations about the use of public money have come to light today in the form of taxi fares – and it doesn’t sit well with the BBC’s already tarnished reputation.

It appears that the big cheeses have raked up over £12,000 in taxi costs in just 12 weeks. The so-called fat cats identified in yesterday’s Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph are earning significant amounts of money – between £310,000 and £515,000 – and they’ve each claimed between £3,880 and £4,862 on taxis alone in three months.

Claiming expenses from your employer is not exactly a new concept so why does it rile people so much?  When it comes to the public purse, there seems to be a very thin line between what is and isn’t acceptable.  People become quite possessive over the organisation and can place an incredible amount of pressure on the employers involved.

Some might argue that they earn enough to foot the bills themselves even if they are incurred whilst on the job.  Yes they have large salaries but can we really expect them to pay for their own expenses when other employees don’t have to? I don’t think that’s fair. At what point would you ‘cut people off’? I certainly wouldn’t like to be the one who makes that decision.

It’s not uncommon for companies to have a transport policy dictating that employees should use the most cost-effective option where possible.  What doesn’t help this issue is the lack of clarity around whether the BBC even has one.

I’m all for accountability and outing those individuals who abuse the systems I financially support but let’s have some perspective – it’s not like they were claiming for duck houses or a second mortgage.