Moving pictures paint more than a thousand words

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I have always loved the adage that ‘a picture tells a thousand words.’ For me it’s not only true, but it also appeals to the amateur photographer in me.

It was today’s extensive coverage of Justin Grant’s home, washing out into the Pacific that made me really think about the truth in this saying, and what a difference not only pictures, but video, have made to the world of the media.

Although a topical story – taking into account the freak weather and erosion rates in the aptly named ‘Washaway Beach’ in the US – the unfortunate occurrence would have remained the preserve of local and national press.

However, add into the mix a shaky mobile phone video shot by onlookers, and now the little wooden house from Oregon gets streamed across the world.

Now that is worth taking note of.

The footage might not be necessarily the work of a budding Spielberg, but by being in the right place at the right time, it’s possible for a snippet on your mobile to capture the world’s imagination and a unique moment in time.