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To those of you who are not tennis fans, but are regular readers of the Peppermint Blog, it might seem as though another Wimbledon-themed musing is overkill. However, now that the ‘sulky Scot’s’ status as a national hero has been well and truly cemented following his triumph yesterday, we felt that another comment on Murray Mania was necessary.

A Google search for ‘Wimbledon competitions’ today brings up a staggering 58,000,000 results. It’s plain to see that anyone who’s anyone has jumped on the Wimbledon bandwagon – as has anyone who’s no-one.

Adidas, as Murray’s sponsors have quite rightly led the way with a real-time Twitter game entitled #hitthewinner. To play, participants selected a square from a grid representing a tennis court, and tweeted which square they thought Murray’s winning shot would land in.
With signed merchandise as prizes, it created quite the buzz in a Twittersphere already gripped by Wimbledon fever. The Drum reported that sentiment for this year’s Wimbledon champ rose by 60 per cent during the tournament. Tweets, posts, blogs and videos were monitored for positive and negative comments. The results were conclusive proof that a beaming smile isn’t necessarily required to get the nation behind you.

Now that Wimbledon’s over for another year, the flurry of tennis-themed competitions and frantic tweeting will surely die down and football fans will become the dominant sporting force on social media once again. However, if nothing else, Mr. Murray can take comfort in the fact that Twitter – the unofficial barometer of the nation’s mood – reports that he’s hot, hot, hot!