Murrisons serves up this year’s strawberries and cream

Murrisons serves up this year’s strawberries and cream

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I have a shameful confession to make – I really don’t like tennis. I say ‘shameful’ because, as Wimbledon kicks off today, I’m reminded that love of The Championship has, in a lot of people’s minds, become almost a badge of Britishness – holding a similar hallowed place as Pimms, high tea and the Royal family.

But I do like Wimbledon. I love the cherub-like ball boys, pots of strawberries and cream, Champagne flutes, crisp white linen, manicured grass courts, bows and curtsies to the Queen in the Royal Box, and a sing-along around the band-stand. It’s just the tedium of the tennis I can’t stand.

Fair enough, Wimbledon may be quaint, clichéd and a perhaps a bit outdated, but it’s one of those rare events that reinvigorates the national consciousness and pulls on the patriotic heartstrings of even the most hardened tennis-phobe.

Tapping into this tidal wave of Wimbledon-borne goodwill, Morrisons today pulled off a bit of a PR coup. In one fell swoop it has aligned itself with The Championship, showed the nation some love and has given a little boost to reigning national champion, Andy Murray, by renaming one of its nearby stores, ‘Murrisons’.

It’s a genius move, and one that’s bound to inspire affection, because people identify with brands they see as an extension of themselves, and in whose messages they recognise their own ideas, values and sentiments. Even a Wimbledon Scrooge like me couldn’t help but smile!