Nil points and no thanks to this year’s Eurovision

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It’s that time of the year again, when the absurdity of the Eurovision Song Contest is paraded in all its unashamed glory.

With not a cat in hell’s chance of me watching it (divorce proceedings may ensue if I were to subject my other half to such ‘entertainment’), I will inevitably follow the night’s hilarities on Twitter – a forum that provides the perfect alternative commentary.

Despite the ear-bleeding tones, and Eurotrash-inspired costumes, the 56-year-old competition still manages to lure us in, with its ‘subtle-as-a-brick’ political bias and persuasion for anything, other than talent. Let’s face it, the song contest has done a fantastic of job of building a rock solid reputation for more than half a century, but it rather begs the question: why do we still watch it?

This year, the competition is bigger and brasher than ever before – if you count the numerous semi-finals and eliminations before the shoulder pads and sequins have been put on. What’s also faintly ‘interesting’ about this year’s Eurovision is the debate around whether countries actually want to win it, given the age of austerity we now live in. Spain has come out today in favour of the dreaded nil points, for fear that a multi-million pound/euro event would contradict the government’s decision to slash spending in public television.

As Spain is not alone in having to tighten its belt, it will be intriguing to see if the predictable voting system plays out in the same way, or whether the neighbourly thumbs-up turns southwards, as people show sympathy for the financial pressures facing their ‘compadres’. However, knowing the bizarre bubble that surrounds Eurovision, then probably not!