Not bad for a 71-year-old…a social media campaign from Old Spice that got it so very right!

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Old Spice − a good Christmas present for granddad and a logo resembling the Blue Peter ship. These were the first thoughts that sprung to mind which is hardly surprising considering it’s a 71-year-old brand.  How very wrong I was…

Something rather exciting was going on in the Twittersphere last night. Wearing just a towel (and cheesy grin), the @OldSpice Man was responding to online mentions of the brand in a personalised YouTube video directly to you from a bathroom. He was also answering questions from Yahoo Answers, comments on posts and it seemed anything else posted about Old Spice on the Internet. At first I thought it was a very obvious use of a promoted tweet and scantily clad male model to make the blokes jealous and the ladies ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh.’ But, the videos were genuinely funny and struck the perfect tone for the brand.

Well that was me set for the evening. I was gripped, highly amused and in awe of a campaign that seemed to have got it so very right! How measurable this is going to be, I’m not sure, but the Old Spice man was keeping up well and successfully interacting with his bemused audience. I was keeping a close eye on the ever-increasing number of Twitter followers which doubled to nearly 12,000 in just a couple of hours. Oh and when I looked this morning it was nearing the 30,000 followers mark.

It must be the fresh man smell because there ain’t no flies on the Old Spice man (or perhaps his PR team) as a few of the video responses were very shrewdly targeted at prolific tweeters (with over a million followers) and journalists. Hello exposure.

The only disappointment of the evening is that I’m still waiting for my response…

Aside from the buff Old Spice man, another brand hoping to gain exposure by exposing in its latest viral campaign is Perrier and its partnership with Dita Von Teese. I’m yet to come across any real online buzz but the story had great coverage in the red tops so watch this space.