Not just a bunch of Muppets

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Every day brings another great example of a social media campaign that makes you sit back in your chair and think: ‘Damn, I wish I’d thought of that’. The latest offering that’s grabbed my attention comes from the team at The Muppets Studio.

Originally created by Jim Henson in 1955, The Muppets have become so famous they’re considered celebrities in their own right. Over the years, ‘Kermy’, Miss Piggy and the gang have endorsed major brands, featured in famous music videos, hosted the Academy Awards and are now embarking on their eighth cinematic adventure.

I was a huge fan of The Muppet Show throughout my childhood and a lunchtime rarely went by without a cheese butty and the latest episode. As I’ve grown up, the world of children’s entertainment has changed beyond all recognition. Most of the shows, cartoon characters and household names I used to hold dear have fallen by the wayside – but not The Muppets.

In the run-up to their new movie release, The Muppets have done it again. Their latest stunt is an on-the-ball, tongue-in-cheek social media campaign that sees Miss Piggy aiming for ‘a bazillion’ likes on Facebook, in return for secret screenings of the new film. They’ve complemented this with a clever viral and a brilliantly run Twitter account that has me chuckling to myself on a daily basis.

It’s a real testament to the comms team over at The Muppets Studio, showing that they’ve moved with the times to keep these (technically OAP) puppets in showbiz and their audiences watching.

These days, heritage and history only count for so much. Brands, companies and indeed puppets must stay one step ahead to keep their audiences and customers engaged. Let’s just hope Statler and Waldorf aren’t heckling from the balcony at the premiere!