Oh what a night

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On Friday night, excited and ready to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, we headed off to a glitzy media soiree – The Manchester Evening News’ Diary Party. What a great way to let our hair down after a hard week of working in, what has recently been named, the second most stressful industry.


We arrived at the venue and were immediately impressed by the strong turnout, not to mention the high calibre of the attendees.  


As you’d expect, the city’s stars were out in force in all their finery ready to trip the light fantastic. Among them were Dave Spikey, Bez, Chris Bisson, Peter Hook and, of course, a whole host of Corrie and Hollyoaks starlets. Being PRs, we often work with celebrities so tend not to get star-struck, but there’s no denying it’s always fun to tell your Mum about it when it happens.


Anyone who knows us can appreciate that we like to talk, so it’ll come as no surprise that a highlight for the Peppermints was catching up with everyone from our fellow flacks to local journalists in such a relaxed setting. Hostess Dianne Bourne pulled off a fantastic event. The late night and sore feet were well worth it and as a last glance back, it was a superb example of a successful event.