One Direction… and that’s Radio 2 for me!

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So, it’s day three of the new Radio 1 Breakfast Show and, it’s clear to see, the new format is definitely geared to the station’s ‘preferred’ younger audience.

Even though the BBC states that it wants the show to appeal to listeners up to the grand old age of 29, with the likes of Harry Styles and Justin Beiber as the show’s first famous guests, it’s starting to look as if it’s going to be more teenage screams and uncontrollable hormones from now on!

I must admit that, at the tender age of 27, I feel like I’ve been forced against my will to fly the nest, away from the younger ‘hipper’ generation to join my ‘older’ friends over at the more intellectual stations.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I switch over to Radio 2 for the news (two words: Moira Stuart).  I’m also a big fan of Radio 4’s ‘Thought of the Day’ and its light-hearted evening comedy shows that provide me with a chuckle on the commute home. But, I can’t help feeling excluded unfairly from Radio 1 before my time!

Through Twitter, the public (aged 15-29) was encouraged to join #TeamGrimmy. But, it seems the team is full of teenage angst, stuffed training bras and repetitive pop beats, leaving my membership null and void.

As I slowly approach my late twenties, I guess there’s only ‘One Direction’ for me… and that is the numbers Two and Four.