Patience…it can be a ‘PR’ virtue

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Sometimes in PR it’s important to play the long game. This was a mantra shared by all at Peppermint this week when the team broke findings by Dr Michelle Harvie, a dietician funded by the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal, which have been over two years in development.

The research, published yesterday, suggested that women can cut their risk of breast cancer by following a two-day a week diet.

Since the findings were released to the national media, Peppermint HQ has been a hive of activity and non-stop media liaison – in which time our infectious consultants have done their best to turn ‘phone juggling’ into the next Olympic sport!

After two years of discussions with Genesis, the results received widespread coverage on broadcast media, with specialist features appearing on North West Tonight. Blanket coverage also hit the newsstands today, with articles appearing in the Daily Mail, the Sun, Daily Express,,, and the Manchester Evening News.

At Peppermint, we‘re certainly no strangers to securing reams of coverage in the nationals – but this coverage is extra special to us. As the UK’s only charity entirely dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, Genesis has the goal of making one in ten (the current number of women suffering from the disease) none in ten. The buzz of generating coverage that could potentially prevent certain cases of breast cancer is one of the best rewards we could ever have.