Peppermint launches search for new recruit on Twitter

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Phew!  Having just won our 20th new account so far this year, our wondrous Peppermint team is, to put it gently, somewhat busy.  Two new appointments have helped, as have holistic massages in our new Peppermint therapy room…but what we really need is an outrageously sparky, creative and bright new team member to join our swelling ranks.

My inbox is heaving with CVs and the recruitment agencies are circling, but we’ve agreed on a different approach for finding our next Peppermint star. We’re using Twitter to sort the wheat from the chaff.  CVs bang on and on for pages and all look the same after a while.  But it takes a really talented communicator to catch our attention via 140 characters or a Twitpic: someone who can think differently, who’s active in social media and who’s not afraid to be bold. So here’s the challenge: show us in a tweet how you’ve refreshed a brand – could be a person, company, product or whatever else you come up with. Entries by Friday 14th August. Good luck!