Peppermints do 'Jeans for Genes'

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We like to think that we’re quite a fashionable lot here at Peppermint Towers. We’re also partial to a little ‘smart’ denim in the office, now and again.

So, we all jumped at the chance to support the national campaign, ‘Jeans for Genes’, helping to raise money for a fantastic cause to boot.

The initiative supports various charities across the UK, including our very own client, The Legacy Rainbow House.

The charity is the only centre in the North of England to specialise in the provision of services for children with brain injuries, disabilities and life-limiting conditions from its centre of excellence – The Legacy.

It seems that some of us are a little keener than others though – is that quadruple denim I can see? Hey, why not? It’s all in the name of charity!