Peppermint’s rooting for Ing-er-lund!

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England_1068583a2Here at Peppermint we’re working ourselves into a frenzy for this afternoon’s critical England match. Or maybe it’s just because we get the afternoon off? It isn’t quite the ‘talk of the office’ – the latest question we mulled over was whether it would be easier to give up sex or chocolate. But that’s beside the point; the nation will come to a standstill in a matter of hours, and even here we will be glued to our TV screens to see if England can salvage a World Cup bid that has so far been… well, disastrous.

Whilst there is a chance that we can scrape through with a draw, no less than a win will be good enough to satisfy the baying mob that are the fans. (Or is that the press?) Perhaps we should let up on ‘England’s Lions’. After all, any failure on England’s part will be overshadowed by the complete disintegration of the French team this year. We should consider ourselves lucky that we haven’t gone the same way after all the bickering between Capello and Terry.

Unfortunately not all of us at Peppermint will be united behind the England boys – we have an Italy-supporting client coming in. No doubt we shall have to deal with his jibes, and given our recent two performances, there will be plenty of opportunity for them. Oh well, at least our players try to stay on their feet.

Usually we’d like to remain positive, but in this case we don’t want to put our proverbial foot in our mouth, so we’ll refrain from any predictions. Let’s just say we hope Wayne Rooney can sleep easy on his Sound Asleep pillow tonight.