PR machine fails to deliver for Clegg

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Well, what an eventful election this has turned out to be. The media called it the closest race to number 10 in 36 years, with Britons turning out in their millions to have their say on who should lead: David Cameron, Gordon Brown or Nick Clegg.

One interesting aspect to this year’s election was the well-tuned PR machine that saw third party, the Liberal Democrats, rise to new levels of popularity. No-one expected him to make much of an impact, but Nick Clegg, the most charismatic of the candidates, outshone his counterparts in the leaders’ debates. For the first time in a long time, the election seemed like a three horse race.

But alas, it was all media hype. It came as a surprise to me, and no doubt to other onlookers too, that the Liberal Democrats had a poor (and lower than expected) result with less than a quarter of the seats won by the Conservatives and Labour.  The PR machine may have delivered popularity and stirred up political rivalry, but in the end, not results.

With David Cameron’s party winning in the polls, but not quite taking a full majority, Britain’s next government is still undecided. The country is now saddled with a hung parliament, and ironically, it’s the ‘disappointed’ Nick Clegg who may now be in a place of unique power. With Labour and the Conservatives both vying for the Liberal Democrats to be in their gang, the power of carefully chosen words and spin is back up and running again.