PR star to show star!

PR star to show star!

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The Peppermint team made a trip to Bury last night, to see our very own Aimee Horwich take to the stage in an all-singing, all-dancing ‘80s extravaganza.

Aimee starred as Julia Sullivan, the love-struck waitress with a heart of gold, in ‘The Wedding Singer’ – a stage production based on the ‘90s film starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The comedy tells the story of Julia and the two men vying for her attention – broke musician Robbie Hart and her self-centred fiancé Glen Goulia.

The play – put on by the Whitefield Amateur Dramatics Society, of which Aimee is a member – was held in The Met Theatre, Bury. The talented amateur stage designers put in countless hours to transform the beautiful Victorian building into several sets ranging from a colourful 1980’s nightclub, to a wedding events hall, and even a New Jersey back alley – complete with trash dumpster. Against these backgrounds, Aimee and her co-stars drew the audience into realistic scenes filled with romance, jealousy, yearning and ultimately – the realisation that true love is something to sing about.

We were all so impressed by just how slick the performance was – we Peppermints know just how much work Aimee put into the show, and it was great to see it come off without a ‘hitch’ (bad wedding-related pun intended!).

Best of luck to Aimee in her remaining shows!