Rob Green should've gone to Specsavers.

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Rob Green

Should’ve gone to Specsavers.  Can’t believe it’s not Butterfingers. Non-slip Stihl gloves – they’ll never let you down.

Really, the money making opportunities are just flowing from Peppermint’s employees this morning.  Poor old Robbie.  What a slip-out, sorry slip-up!  The good thing about a good old English mess-up is that there is always a flip side and we all think Green could make a few quid out of a real clanger.

Generally the game was a bit disheartening, but as everyone keeps telling us the 1966 tournament was won on an initial draw.  Personally, I find it incredible that we drew to the USA, and if we’re going to win this thing we need to start thinking more like the Germans. Playing like we know each other in a cohesive fashion and really hammering our opponents (even if I do think Cahill got a rough deal).

Back to marketing, the opportunities the World Cup has provided are really fantastic if exploited.  Peppermint has capitalised on Wayne Rooney being photographed with a client’s pillow (after we sent it to him), and now it looks like lots of brands could do the same with Rob Green.  These types of global events can really propel brands into the spotlight; they need to be looked at carefully, planned properly and executed in a timely fashion.

We’re still thinking about additional ways to use this world event in creative ways: maybe Rob Green should do the same and turn his hand to another career?  Or maybe just sort his hands out and get a grip on the ball!