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Today marks my last working day as a single lady, after my fiancé Tom put a ring on it – as Beyoncé would say – almost a year ago to the day.

The impending nuptials take place at a quaint village church on Saturday, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not all been a bed of roses and I can hand on heart say it’s been one of the most emotional years of my life. So, thank goodness I’ve been lucky enough to have the support of my friends, family and colleagues in such close proximity.

I knew I was fortunate to have a great bunch of people around me every day – a kind-hearted lot, who have listened to my wedding woes and steered me away from becoming a ‘bridezilla’ when I was really tempted to freak out. Most notably, the time my reception venue was on the front page of the Manchester Evening News, because it was apparently facing immediate closure. That was not fun, I can tell you!

And, who knew how complicated everything would be? Not me, that’s for sure.  From roses to lace and everything in between, there’s a menu as long as your arm for all of it. ‘Wedding paraphernalia’, I’ve affectionately called it.

Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t change a thing about the last 12 months – it’s been a hoot! My not-one-but-two Peppermint Soda hen parties were a real giggle and a fantastic way to bid farewell to my single status. There’s something really touching about a group of people going out of their way to throw you a party, even if it does involve a hot pink feather boa and a veil from the Pound Shop!

I’m bursting with excitement about Saturday and even more so about the rest of my life. So, bring on the celebrations, the tears and the glory – I’m ready for you!