Rude words unlock peak performance

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Poo, bum and fart aren’t usually three words that would spring to mind when you think of an afternoon training session at work. They certainly aren’t three words that I’d imagined announcing to my work colleagues, followed by the proclamation that wee and willy are amongst the words that most amuse our managing directors!

Yesterday we had a training session with a company called Laughology. The session (and the company) was run by a stand-up comedienne and the afternoon was absolutely hilarious (the clue’s in the name). We were thrown headfirst into games where you were required to “woof” instead of say the number three, as well as illustrate the effects of a laughing fit on a picture of a person (yes, we included the possibility of wetting yourself on our model).

However, just like Sesame Street, there was something to be learnt from all the hilarity – Laughology use “laughter and humour techniques” to help you think and act positively. The aim is to provide you with a tool box which you can bring into your working life, whether it be interaction with clients or dealing with internal company issues.

By analysing how we reacted to things that we found funny, people or situations that we liked, as well as those that we disliked, we were able to evaluate our reactions in order to emulate the positive ones. It’s not about adopting a sunny persona similar to that of a children’s TV presenter (which would no doubt rile more people than being the company misery), it’s about bringing the positive aspects of your personality to the fore when you’re not feeling quite so upbeat about a person or situation.

All-in-all, it was exceptionally insightful and, coupled with the fact that I witnessed most of my colleagues laugh to the point of falling over, it gave me a few things to think about. I also got to use the words poo and bum in a blog. Fantastic.