Run Peppertweets, run

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It’s surprising what a far-reaching goal does to focus the mind. I’d like to say it’s the prospect of lining up with thousands of runners this weekend for the London Marathon (that challenge withered away even before the start line – damn those glute muscles). Not to be defeated by a ‘pain in the bum’, I – along with my fellow Peppermints – have decided to go for the slightly more palatable challenge of the Great Manchester Run.

Intent on making it to the finish line in one piece (and reaching that celebratory Sunday roast that we’ve promised ourselves afterwards), a keen spirit has surfaced at Peppermint, giving rise to the launch of the ‘Peppertweet Runners’.

Pounding the streets of Hale and Altrincham alone can test even the most determined of souls.  Running together – pushing and pulling each other along the along the way, harmonising our wheezing sighs – is profoundly motivating.

While running is, in its true sense, an individual pursuit, the task of training and getting round the 10K course has definitely become a joint approach. I’m not sure why that’s such a revelation – we do it every single day. Teamwork’s what makes Peppermint tick; it’s what makes every successful organisation tick.

All we’ve done is poured it onto the streets of Hale, knowing that our small efforts will hopefully make some difference to the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Appeal, for which we’ve pledged our fitness. You never know, next year we may well be lining up on the streets of Blackheath – glute muscles permitting!