Schoolboy tiff between Pietersen and Moore ends in PR calamity

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Are we really that bothered by the schoolboy tiff between Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moore? I went to bed last night with the England Cricket team’s calamity stealing top spot on Sky News’ 10 O’clock bulletin, only to wake up this morning to hear Radio Five Live Kevin Pietersengiving airtime to a retired Aussie cricketer, revelling in what should have been an avoidable farce.

Surely there are more pressing matters in the world today that require attention and explanation than KP throwing his toys out of the pram, only for the ECB to throw them straight back in again?

England Cricket has prided itself on having an immaculate reputation – whiter than its whites – so how has it allowed a clash of personalities and a bulging ego to escalate into delicious media fodder that has opponents licking their lips? Rumours fed to the media in recent days should have been nipped in the bud – shouldn’t they?

Not that this is by any stretch of the imagination a ‘crisis’ (although listening to the news last night, you’d think the end was nigh for the future of English cricket), but where was the crisis management? Who was attempting to smother KP’s “I’m more important than you” gestures and controlling an intensifying spat? Somehow, Pietersen has been allowed to admit to a divided dressing room and resentment behind closed doors, with details of an “I go, if he stays” ultimatum spreading worldwide.

Perhaps I have answered my own question by ranting about KP and the state of English Cricket, or is this just a sporting spat that has come as a welcome tonic to dogged talk of a recession, job losses and store closures?