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It’s a scene synonymous with Saturday nights in UK city centres up and down the country – drunken revellers stumbling from one bar to another, with those who have had just a little too much to drink ending their evening sprawled across the pavement. Sound familiar?

According to Japanese bar chain Yaocho Bar Group, it’s a growing trend in Tokyo, with men and women regularly drinking until they drop – quite literally. So, in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, the company has launched a high-profile ad campaign which shames those who take their boozing a little too far. Yaocho said bar staff were becoming worried about the increasing number of people passing out in the streets and wanted to take the matter into their own hands.

Armed with some duct tape and the hashtag, #nomisugi – which is Japanese for ‘drank too much’ – staff took to the streets to turn those who were guilty of over-indulgence into human billboards. While it may seem an interesting way to play on the Japaneses’ sense of honour by publicly sharing their drunken exploits, some may view it as slightly extreme – after all, does anyone have the right to showcase another’s drunken escapades to the world?

On the other hand, Yaocho has now ensured that we all know who it is and what it does – placing itself firmly on our radar, simply by taking a quick cross section of Tokyo by night. Of course, this makes us wonder whether these ‘revellers’ were really just that, or in fact planted by Yaocho bosses themselves. Either way, it’s an innovative example of turning a public concern into a thought-provoking ad campaign – but how us Brits would react to such a campaign may well be a different story!