Sounds like another social media craze

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Admit it, we all have moments when we wish we had a soundtrack to our lives like all great rom-coms! Well, it seems the latest mastermind marketer has translated that movie-like desire to create the next social media sensation – Tunepics.

Set to rival Instagram in the instant image popularity stakes, the rapidly growing platform allows users to upload an image and song to capture real emotion behind the shot. Personally, as much as I love Instagram (as well as wishing my life came with an ongoing background track), I’m not entirely convinced about the British-created social network.

I’ll no doubt contradict myself in months to come by following the herd. My reservations are clearly not shared either, with celebs and brands already flocking to the site to show their support. To date, Tunepics boasts A-list followers, such as Jamie Oliver,, Kate Bosworth and Richard Branson. Asos, Hunter and Chloé have also joined the 100,000-strong new followers to sign up each week – all desperate to share a moment, rather than just posting an obligatory selfie.

I have little doubt that the weight of public backing will ensure the latest social network entrant will join the ranks of highly successful sites and get snapped up in a multi-billion dollar deal. From a celeb and consumer brand perspective, it does add an extra layer of subtle manipulation to a simple shot. But, is it likely to capture my heart in an instant and persuade me to buy another pair of posh wellies, or break the bank on one of Stella’s expensive handbags? Probably not.

There’s clearly enough room for another social network, but when it comes to translating social media into actual bucks, my vote goes to sites such as Like to Know It. Goodness knows how far behind I am with this web creation but, putting that aside, I love the way it enables me to follow fashion influencers on Instagram and with the click of a ‘like’ find out exactly what clothing and accessories are featured in the picture. Very much from the Asos school of thought, the simple concept delivers a professionally designed email right into my inbox that is bursting with links to shopping sites across the globe.

I admit, Like to Know It is not entirely conducive with a healthy bank balance. However, it’s sites such as these that encourage a commercial element to social media, rather than sentimental images that only make me want to reach for a Kleenex, not my credit card.

Let us know what you think about the latest social media craze.