Struggling to make an impact? Here's how to get noticed.

Struggling to make an impact? Here's how to get noticed.

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You’ve spent hours developing a cool campaign for your brand – the content is ahead of the curve and the creativity is spot on. Despite all this, it just doesn’t seem to be moving the needle with your social audience. Sound familiar?

 Unfortunately, no matter how brilliant a campaign may be, without a carefully considered content strategy, it’s unlikely to resonate with followers and fans in the way you’d hoped.

 With that in mind, here are my tips for optimising the ways in which your social media content is created and shared:

 Keep up the good work

It’s important to identify previous successes. Drawing comparisons between content that’s proved to be engaging and content that’s gone unrecognised will allow you to note specific differences between the two which can be easily improved upon. That way, you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Know your audience

Your tweet may have had 50 replies, but have you read them? Failing to gauge the sentiment of your audience is a surefire way to burn social media bridges.  Ensure that a high number, if not all, of your comments and replies are read in order to build an understanding of what your audience wants to see.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

What type of content works best for your brand? As the saying goes, you’ll never know unless you try. Do you get more engagement from tweets containing a question, or those with an image? Which hashtags are relevant to you? Prior to launching your campaign, post tweets containing the same content in a range of different ways. When it comes to launch date, you’ll know the best way to grab the attention of your audience.

Time is precious

If you’re convinced that your content is brilliant and not receiving the attention it deserves, there’s a good chance it’s not being seen. Use a free online service such as Tweriod to track the peak times to connect with your audience.

Best of luck!