Tablets the cure for print media’s headache?

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As my birthday is now a month away (hint hint), I thought it was high time I started compiling a present list. At number one, my most-wanted item: an iPad. Adverts for the device, which first went live during this year’s Oscars ceremony, proudly show off its 9.7 inch high res screen, which can be used to read iBooks, use iTunes and do some iWork.

Yesterday came the news that, from December, Vogue magazine – fashion’s number one barometer – would make its editions available via iPad. Although Vogue is the first fashion magazine to ‘size zero’ its content onto a tablet device, the publishing world is no stranger to digital distribution – and certainly has no qualms about charging for it.

The Times is already available on iPad, for £9.99 a month – a significant saving on the equivalent cost of buying print editions, and it’s rumoured that all-conquering media mogul Rupert Murdoch has plans to establish a tablet-only newspaper in the near future. Speaking last month, Murdoch said: “I think we’re going to see, around the world, hundreds and hundreds of millions of these devices… we’ll have young people reading newspapers.”

I hate to admit it, but he might have a point. I’m sure loads of teens would take a keener interest in current affairs they were was presented to them on something shiny. In this digital age, it’s no longer enough to just read about Ricky Hatton’s indiscretions. We need to see them, hear them – pretty much experience sensory overload whilst getting the news. With the print sales of newspapers in constant decline, some are hailing the iPad as the publishing world’s saviour. Me? I just think the Scrabble app looks pretty snazzy…