Technology to save our shops

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There’s no doubt that the High Street is a dangerous place to trade at the moment – as everyone from travel agents to fashion retailers are feeling the icy breath of the Grim Retail Reaper.


As retail technology continues to move faster than a sale rail in Selfridges, struggling retailers need to catch up, or deal with the consequences.


For those retailers who don’t want to get left behind, it wouldn’t hurt to take a leaf out of Burberry’s book. The fashion brand’s Regent Street store includes screens that turn into mirrors when required and RFID micro-chipped clothes – when worn, they can transform mirrors into screens showing how the clothes might look on a catwalk. What’s more, there are no till points in store. Instead, staff are on hand with iPads for browsing and credit card machines for transactions.


The quickest and easiest option will always be more appealing to a customer, and that’s exactly what technological advances in the retail market are taking advantage of – our lust for consumer convenience.


‘Touch-of-a-button’ culture is rife within the retail market. So, I say, bring those buttons into bricks and mortar stores, and create interactive digital environments. The customer has evolved, and so must the shop.


Technology that enhances a consumer’s shopping experience, will be the saviour of the retail market. As mobile phones become our wallets and shops operate as digital platforms, it’s time for old retail dogs to learn a few new tricks!