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It seems Berlin is at the top of everyone’s city break list at the moment and from my visit a few weeks back I can understand why. It’s an incredibly creative city. One of highlights was the East Side Gallery, described as one of the largest open air galleries in the world, lining 1.3km of the Berlin Wall with images of freedom and reflection as 105 artists take you on a journey through Berlin’s turbulent history.

Originally painted in 1990 on the east side of the wall (hence the name), artists from all around the world contributed their messages for the future. It’s a visual history lesson of the suffering endured, as well as the peace that Berlin and Europe are striving to preserve.

There is a real mixture of creativity with thought-provoking and poignant scenes all presented in a multitude of styles from Surrealism and Pop Art to Socialist realism and Graffiti. A lot of the paintings have been vandalised, some of which adds to the mural’s appeal. Everyone’s thoughts and messages are mixed together, almost representing the unity Berlin now has. One of the most iconic pieces, ‘My God, help me to survive’ by Dmitri Vrubel,was restored in 2009 and is a real showstopper within the collection.

East Side Gallery is a snap shot of Berlin’s art scene, which is scattered throughout the city. From one wall comes an art gallery; from one art gallery comes inspiration to thousands who visit it. For me this freedom of expression is not only powerful, but so influential for creatives today. Laid out in front of you is a perfect example of how to craft a message to give it the most impact – whether that’s through a disruptive image (‘My God, help me to survive’) or through typography. Here’s a selection of my favourites…

Berlin-East-Side-Gallery - Many small people, in many small places,can do many small things, that can ALTER THE FACE OF THE WORLD.

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