The Best Job in the World

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So a young British guy wins ‘The Best Job in the World’ – what a coup for the UK.  Or, is this just another tactic of arguably the best PR campaign ever run.

Ben Southall from Hampshire has landed an amazing job for six months and I know I’ll be tuning into his blog!  In fact, I’ll be dreaming over the pictures he had better post up there as well!  But has a Brit won due to talent and ability to do the job, or is it that the Aussies think us Brits are the number one tourist target? I wonder…Ben does seem to have all the ability, the blogging skills and an amazing charitable background – well deserved I’m sure.  Although I think the tireless, four day interview process on that ugly island must have been terrible.  Sun, sand, snorkeling, BBQs and time at a spa – dreadful!

I do believe this is one of the best PR campaigns I’ve seen in the last 12 months.  Brilliantly executed, timed to perfection, and has sparked oodles of media coverage.  The integration of online and traditional media has been exceptional.  The sheer fact that applicants came from over 200 countries and almost every country in the world had people logging in to read the job description (except North Korea and some African states) demonstrates the level of absorption this campaign had into the world’s population – WOW!

Oh, and yes I did read that job description…sorry Suzy!