The best & worst acquisitions made by tech giants

The best & worst acquisitions made by tech giants

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Google, Twitter and Facebook have made some of the largest and high profile purchases of the last decade. As their wealth grows, so does their ability to acquire the technology of the future, investing in potential competitors as well as new ventures.

In 2014, Facebook has already acquired Oculus Rift in March for $2 billion ($1.17 billion) and Whatsapp in February; prime examples of the social media giant playing the long game. It has yet to become clear how Facebook will monetise Whatsapp, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg stating that the company has no intention of introducing adverts to the messaging service.

With such deep pockets to delve in to, the world’s tech giants have the resources at their fingertips to buy the best of the best. We have taken a look at a few of tech’s best and worst purchases; who bought who, for how much and did they manage to make a success of it?


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