The end of embarrassing photos? Facebook reveals new privacy features

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Facebook has a bit of a track record when it comes to privacy. With prospective employers now able to dig around in our online histories, the ability to control privacy when using social media has become an increasingly hot topic.

Today, Facebook announced a raft of new features set to give us greater control over who sees the pictures and posts that we add to the site. Perhaps the most significant new one allows us to reject a tagged photo before it goes live for all your friends, family – and potential business contacts – to see. Hurrah! No more embarrassing photos!

Also new to Facebook is the ability to tweak status updates (useful if you’ve just slagged off a friend, only to decide you were being a bit harsh) and a ‘Geotagging’ service, which allows users to tag themselves, their photos and their status updates anywhere in the world – cue potential security worries.

I’m inclined to think that although Facebook is making strides to simplify its privacy settings, it’s still important for users to consider who might see their information. If your gut’s telling you not to post it, don’t post it – no matter how tight you think your privacy settings are.