The evils of emails

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Email has been slammed by a social media consultant as “a broken business tool that urgently needs fixing”. Certainly, email seems to have morphed into an unwieldy, time-chomping monster.

The team at Peppermint were recently held (highly reluctant) hostages to an email-free couple of days, when our host’s central machine crashed. After an initial bout of panic and a barrage of anguished calls to our technical support team, we found ourselves feeling calmly liberated.

The amount of time saved during our two days on the outskirts of cyberspace was quite simply astonishing. Without a constant influx of messages we had a hugely expanded space in which to think, plan and talk. Much like mindless ‘interactive’ games that leave kids slack-jawed and glassy-eyed, being glued to a computer screen is the least conducive environment for creativity and strategic thinking.

The fact is that e-mail can be brilliant. Those long hours standing over a noisy fax machine that consistently chewed up copy weren’t exactly halcyon days. But I do resent the way email eats up our time with its endless, all too often pointless messages invading our workspace.

Now our email is fully back up and running and I’m once again confronted with a vast assortment of time-wasting rubbish, I’m rather missing our enforced break. It felt a little like the office equivalent of booking into a Buddhist retreat. So I for one am lobbying for email-free Fridays at Peppermint….now I just need to win over everyone else out there.