The ‘force’ of YouTube

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – that’s certainly the view of Gwent Police. In a bid to eradicate car crashes caused by drivers who text while driving, it’s produced a shock video that’s sending YouTube into overdrive.

The graphic video is causing polarised opinion across the globe – not because it’s being aired on prime time television, but due to the power of the internet, and more specifically social media sites. The police’s decision to post it on the video sharing site is testament to the influence that YouTube, and other social media sites, are having on younger generations.

The days of shelling out thousands of pounds in advertising costs seem to be fading fast. To get your message across, just post it on the internet and the video will spread like wild fire. Ask the disturbed American journalist who wrote, “the sends out a horrible visual to illustrate the dangers of texting while driving. But it currently isn’t being aired on U.S. television. For Americans to even view the ad on YouTube, they must assert they are at least 18.”

Who can deny the massive influence that social media sites have on shaping our view of the world? After all, “a South Wales community of 550,000 that many Americans have never even heard of” is now being talked about across the US.