The one with the Comedian who stole a joke

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KeithOnce purely an outlet for people to tell the world ‘they’ve just fed the cat’ or ‘they are having spag bol for tea’, social media sites are now the catalysts for stirring public intervention and creating national press coverage.

The tale of Keith Chegwin is the most recent example of how influential social media has become. The controversy started out when the famous comedian tweeted a joke, and ended up with a double spread in today’s Daily Express, with numerous twitters embellishing the tale, he even got a mention on Radio One.

The ‘I can’t believe she’s not better’ joke created a backlash almost immediately from fellow comedians who dubbed Chegwin a plagiariser, instantly catapulting the story to national news level.

The question on the lips of the public, including mine, is this: who has ownership of a joke, and how can this ownership be preserved?

But, as is so common in controversial stories such as this, and what needs to be remembered, is that perhaps the tweet was intended for this exact purpose.

Consider this. Chegwin intentionally copied the gags of other comedians to stir controversy, ignite a public backlash, generate a barrage of national news coverage and raise his profile all in the space of about five minutes.

If this is the case, Ed Byrne and Simon Evans, it seems the joke’s most definitely on you!