The Power Of The Flower

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redrosesI didn’t expect to receive a Valentine’s bouquet from my other half today – honestly, I really didn’t. I was quite content sat at my plain old desk with nothing more than a scentless green plant wilting behind my overflowing hoard of magazine and newspaper cuttings.

But then, with the air of an A-list celebrity stepping out onto the red carpet, our office manager entered the room gracefully carrying a dozen ruby red roses. The perfectly polished bouquet, lovingly bound in a layer of shiny translucent wrapping, had the natural beauty of Paltrow and the dark seductiveness of Jolie. The chirpy sound of rhythmic keyboard tapping suddenly slowed and then came to a complete stop as the Peppermint ladies were left mesmerised.

It was like a moment from a comedy sketch – as our office manager weaved her way through our desks. The Peppermint ladies held their breath in apprehension, wondering whose desk the precious package would be delivered to?

Our MD was the first to write-off that she’d be the lucky receiver. And it soon became apparent that they weren’t heading in my direction either.

Finally we were put out of our misery as the stems of beauty were handed to one of the account execs. Needless to say, Julaine’s face blushed to such an extent that her cheeks became camouflaged next to the rose petals.

Five hopeful hearts were left sunken.

Everyone says it’s commercial nonsense and that nobody wants to be shown up by receiving some ‘slushy, overpriced roses’ – at least, that’s the excuse our other half will give us. But let’s be honest girls – we can all relate to the moment painted above and we all live in hope that one day we will get the chance to be the lucky one.