The remaking of America

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Apart from Aretha Franklin’s version of the American national anthem which appeared to be set to the God Save The Queen (was it just me??) and her outrageous hat, Obama’s inauguration was almost exactly what I’d anticipated.


He spoke of gathering clouds, raging storms and the remaking of America.  People were crying in the crowds and he congratulated them on choosing hope over fear.  There’s no doubt about it, Barack’s whole campaign has been phenomenal, like the end of a brilliantly cheesy feel good movie.  An excellent case study of success through adversity. 


Of course, much has been written about how fantastic his PR has been, embracing the likes of Twitter to reach the world, let alone just the US.  Indeed, as well as the millions of supporters who appeared to be present in Washington there were events happening here in the UK.  Yes, the campaign was a huge success and the majority of the world is wonderfully excited. 


Ultimately however, Barack must be even better than his PR.  As well as being very good with words, he needs to be very, very good at running the USA.  Can he do it?  YES HE CAN, apparently.  Or is it only downhill from here?