The sun has got his hat on….

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They often say: ‘It’s Grim Up North’. But, the sun has well and truly come out to play this week. Finally, the summer rays have reached rain-smitten Manchester and that includes Peppermint Towers.

Last summer, we hit the headlines for brainstorming at Peppermint Patch – our very own allotment, where we grow everything from potatoes and rhubarb, to raspberries and courgettes. This year, we’re hoping to ramp up our creative-thinking methods again by trying our hand at walking-brainstorm sessions. (We’re not quite sure what they are, but we’ll certainly give it a whirl!)

Never ones to miss out on going outdoors to get inspired, this afternoon we ventured into Peppermint Grove to make the most of the summer sun and host our first outdoor brainstorm of the season.

Not only did we all get an overdue dose of Vitamin D, but we also came up with some stonking potential campaigns.

In the words of the 1970’s musical Hair – “Let the Sunshine in”.