The SunTalk – really the home of free speech?

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Britain has today witnessed a revolutionary development in new media as the country’s leading loud mouth red top seeps onto the airwaves with the launch of SunTalk.

As someone who prefers to digest news and entertainment through the airwaves – I’m all for it as a concept. But in reality, I’m sceptical whether the talk show will live up to its outlandish claim as ‘the home of free speech’, when ultimately being under the rule of a biased elitist force (aka media mogul Rupert Murdoch).

For example, the show launched today with David Cameron as its first guest – a predictable choice for a notoriously right wing newspaper, don’t you think? Cameron must have jumped for joy when offered the opportunity of free air time to win over the hearts of the UK’s electorate.

Can I suggest then that if The SunTalk really wants to create ‘airwaves for the people’ that the show’s producer actually offers an open news agenda for the public to decide? Perhaps The Sun’s working class followers might be tiring of news about Victoria Beckham’s latest fashion ‘get up’ or last night’s reality TV talent show scandal?

With that said, I question what real chance listeners are going to get to voice their opinion with the controversial motormouth Jon Gaunt hosting the mic.