The ‘two’ good to be true diet taking Peppermint by storm

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We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here at Peppermint HQ, thanks to the launch of an exciting new book, written and released by one of our long-standing clients – Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention. ‘The 2-Day Diet’ has been developed by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell at Genesis, and it promises to not only help you lose weight, but also reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.
The diet advises followers to eat normally five days a week, with a restricted calorie intake on the remaining two days.
This kind of ‘intermittent diet’ is having something of a moment in the spotlight, and there are various, similar versions of it. However, the 2-Day Diet developed by Genesis is the only one which is clinically approved – something which we’re VERY eager to stress to journalists!
Dr Harvie and Professor Howell’s research has found that eating in this manner is not only an effective weight loss programme, but it can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 40%. This groundbreaking diet is the result of 12 years of research, so we are thrilled that the book is receiving the media attention and sales that it deserves.
Following a serialisation in the Daily Mail, we’ve been busy arranging interviews for the very obliging authors and case studies, both in print and broadcast, as well as securing opportunities with magazines and influential diet bloggers. In fact, Dr Harvie is being interviewed down at Media City as I type!
The book has been a remarkable success, hitting the top spot on Amazon even before it had officially launched. An accompanying recipe book has just been commissioned – which is sure to keep us on our toes. Exciting times!