The view from the freelance desk

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Regular readers of this blog will know that it’s more often than not a place to find lots of PR top tips, social media advice, digital and branding thoughts and the occasional sliver of insight into life at Peppermint.

This week, however, we received the below from a freelancer we work with. We were so blown away by the lovely words that we wanted to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll get even more of a peek at what it’s really like to work at – or with – Peppermint…


“I’ve been in the seat at both sides of this particular desk – as account manager and now as a freelancer – and, after spending some time recently with the Peppermints, felt compelled to share my experience.

“Every agency has its own particular approach, personality and culture, but I challenge anyone to find one quite as positively distinctive as that of Peppermint Soda. It quite literally hits you in the face when you arrive at the Hale HQ and are welcomed by the charming peppermint scent being pumped around the office. You’ll be made to feel immediately at home as you’re greeted with smiles and warm hospitality. It’s the little things, but they make a big impression.

“Us PR folk will have everybody believe we’re always busy with a seemingly endless ‘to do’ list. We usually are. This team is a versatile and busy bunch if ever I saw one, turning their hands to multiple sectors and challenging campaign objectives. Not that you’d ever know it unless you look under the bonnet. Somewhat swanlike in their approach, their systems are slick, standards are exceptionally high and the main PR office is firmly on the right size of buzzy and fun without the slightest hint of stress.

“The team is tight and has a strong sense of camaraderie, alongside encouraging personal development at every level. In short, great people to work with individually or as a collective, whether you’re a potential employee or prospective client. What are you waiting for? Get a shake on.”


OK, enough now – it’s making us blush!